Saturday, 11 July 2009

Cardamon, Carrot and Cashew Cupcakes

We're having Indian tonight. The Butter Chicken is in the slow cooker, the Lamb Khee is going on when the distinguished guests get here and the Bhaji's are waiting to be fried. The Saag Aloo is done too! (Sorry, it rhymed!)

And I made some cardamon, carrot and cashew cupcakes from Cupcake Blog.

The first lot were too small and flat- I blame the patty papers- they are too small for my tins! I also only filled them 2/3 full as suggested in the recipe- but they didn't dome and my oven was definitely hot enough- if anything it tends to be too hot. The extra thermometer was reading 195 degrees celsius at one point and I definitely had it set at 175.

So I bit the bullet and filled them right up and loaded them into bigger cupcake papers....and voila!

I'm not going to frost them- I think there's enough fat in the butter chicken to compensate for the lack of frosting. Also the recipe ended up making 36 cupcakes. That's a lot of cupcakes! Maybe I should have waited till tomorrow to make them- I know they would be eaten at work! I've frozen some, with the idea that I can defrost them when I feel like cupcakes but don't have the time/ energy...

So naked cardamon, carrot and cashew cupcakes for dessert? Maybe not completely Indian- but "inspired"?

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