Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Book Review- Hello, Cupcake!

It has finally arrived! Yay! I ordered this book using a dstore.com.au voucher and it has finally arrived. It was recommended to me on ravelry.com and I was immediately excited when I saw it was available on dstore.

To be honest, I love the concept, but not being in the US I can already see it's going to be hard to source some of the "find them everywhere" candy ingredients. I love the way everyday items are used, I just can't imagine Coles stocking them all. I guess I'll have to test the idea out next time I'm shopping before I can pass judgement.

The ideas are incredible, I think even if I can't find the exact ingredients, I should be able to come close with substitutes. The pictures as well are quite inspiring- the bowling cupcakes have already gotten me inspired for my husband's birthday- he used to bowl every Sunday night!

I love the cupcakes with the bunnies bottoms! Such a cute idea! Realistically, something like that could be achieved with fondant if I can't get the right bits for their feet.

Would I recommend buying it? Yes, the ideas would be great for children and parties for children as they are quick and easy to put together and bright and cheery. I just don't know if they fit with what I'm doing with cupcakes as I like their colours to be slightly more subtle. Having said that- I'm definitely glad I bought it though, and I'm sure I'll use many of the ideas.

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